Kompressoriõli Compressor Oil S68 20L

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  • Valvoline Compressor Oil S68 is a full synthetic oil formulated with the latest additive technologies to provide exceptional cold resistance, high viscosity index, excellent oxidation and thermal stability even at high temperatures.
    Used primarily in screw compressors. Recommended for air compressors and vacuum pumps. It allows smooth operations even at high compressed-air temperatures and improves deposit control on equipment parts.
    Superior performance
    The superior low temperature properties in combination with the high viscosity index of the Valvoline Compressor S series gives a wide operating temperature range and makes winter starts easier.
    Superior protection
    The anti-wear and anti-foaming additives used in the Valvoline Compressor S series helps to reduce the heat, oxidation and wear. This helps to extend the compressors life and provides lower maintenance cost.
    Severe working conditions
    Valvoline Compressor S series reduces the risk of fire and explosion in compressed air systems by reducing carbon formation.
    Long life oil
    The base oils used in Valvoline Compressor S series has excellent oxidation resistance which extends oil change intervals, improving the operation efficiency.
    Lubrication film
    Valvoline Compressor S series is formulated to create a strong lubrication film with excellent anti-wear, antirust, good demulsibility and good anti-oxidation properties.

    Performance levels:
    ISO VG 68
    DIN 51506 VDL Pildid ja videod on illustratiivsed.
  • Kaal16.96 kg
    Laius230 mm
    Sügavus390 mm
    Kõrgus340 mm

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